Our Services

for the different stages in the Procurement Process:

  • Sourcing / Procurement Marketing - to work up contacts to new "better" - suitable suppliers. based on an extensive International Supplier Database.
  • Bidding and Evaluation
    Inquiry activities, evaluation of offers & quotations.
    Assistance in contract negotiations with suppliers. FIDIC - Silver book negotiations expertise.
    Our experience in project execution ensures Contract Terms in order to enforce smoothly contract execution and to prevent claims from final-customer.
    Guidance / Consultancy during phase of Contract Award;
    Risk evaluation and Risk mitigation.
  • Procurement Plans for Plant Construction.
  • Consultancy to form new strategic partnerships with suppliers. New suppliers normally not only result in reduced manufacturing costs, but also open new technical solutions, or extended sales opportunities.


In today´s market competition - your success and remaining profit is not only dependent on your Technology and success in marketing; but above all also from advantages in the PROCUREMENT of goods and services from the subsuppliers.

Within the framework of our Procurement activities we are experienced in optimizing Supply Chain Management and Supplier Relationship Management. Redesign Procurement Process relating to Compliance Regulations.

Our Services in Procurement and Supply Management are available in the form of consulting, advisory or part-time employment.

Our Past Performance

More than 17 years of experience in managing Procurement with EPC-Contractor, for projects in Europe, USA and Asia;

to supply technical main equipment for Power Plants (as EPC - contractor)

-combined cycle (CCPP),

- waste-to- energy plants,

- flue gas cleaning systems, and

for municipal Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP)

Extensive International Supplier database in the field of plant engineering. covering technical equipment such as:

pumps, filters, piping, valves, electrical equipment, DCS, condensers, heat exchangers, fire protection systems, crane systems, SCR gas cleaning systems; the HRSG heat recovery steam generators….etc.